Basic Consult

CIMG1904I call my basic consult “Room Service.”  It is my original decorating service for homeowners and renters – quick, easy, and affordable.

I meet you at your home… listen to what you want…and help you make your home, home.

Want help picking colors?  I’ll help you select colors on the spot.  Don’t like your room arrangement?  I’ll give you some ideas to help improve the flow of the room.  Or maybe you just want to bounce some ideas off someone.  I’ll listen, and if you want, I can offer plenty of new ideas.

If you’ve just bought a new home… or you’re trying to sell your home…or you just want a new look, let my Room Service work for you!

What does it cost?  I charge $125 an hour and most consults take about 2 hours (I do require a 2 hour minimum for in person visits).  I can provide additional consult at my hourly rate via email or phone if needed after the visit and have no minimum on that time.  I do have a $50 travel fee for clients outside of the DC beltway.


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