Steps to Selling Your Home

0531. Set Appointment for Consult:  Contact me (202-905-5369 or to set a time to meet at your home for an initial free consult.

2. Consult: We meet for 1-2 hours at your home.  We will tour your home, identify improvements to help your sale, and discuss price and marketing strategies.  Prior to our meeting, I will do a careful analysis of the comparable sales in your neighborhood to provide guidance on price.  I will also ask you for your loan balance to give you a sense of your net proceeds after selling.  Some key items we will discuss at this consult:  price, commission, types of representation, when to go on market, marketing strategy, and how to handle showings.

3. Listing Agreement:  If you decide to list your home with me and my brokerage, I will provide a standard listing agreement that includes the terms we discuss.  You, myself, and my brokerage will sign the agreement.

4. Preparation:   I will help you identify the improvements needed to prepare your house for sale.  I can recommend contractors and help approximate costs.  With my decorating background, I know how to make your home shine –  a definite competitive advantage!

5. Marketing:  When your home is ready, I will arrange a photo shoot, develop marketing materials, and order signage.  I will plan the initial open houses and/or a brokers’ open.    I will execute any pre-market marketing strategies we discuss.

6. Launch:   I will enter all information about your home into the MRIS data system and officially put your home on the market on the date we agree to in the listing agreement.  I will also ensure your home appears on other highly trafficked real estate search engines.

7.  Showings:  Showings will begin once your home is on the market.   I will implement our agreed upon showing strategy and get your home in front of as many possible potential buyers.

8. Contract Negotiations:  When a contract for your home is received, I will review the contract with you.  We will discuss response options.  I will relay your response to the buyer’s agent and continue any negotiation at your direction until an agreement is reached.

9. Preparing for Settlement:  Once your home is “under contract” steps toward settlement begin.  The buyer will work on contingencies in the contract, like inspection, appraisal, and financing.  I will respond and negotiate on your behalf as necessary.  The settlement company, usually selected by the buyer, and your bank will coordinate with you in preparing settlement and loan documents.  During this stage you will want to find movers, pack, and close out your utility accounts.

10. Settlement:  Settlement typically occurs at the office of the selected settlement company and takes 1-2 hours.   The settlement attorney explains and asks you to sign all the necessary documents to transfer ownership of the home and close your loan.  You will then provide keys to the home to the buyer.  Once settlement is complete your home is officially sold!


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