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Because Pretty Homes Sell! Preparing Your Home for Market

I see my clients’ faces as they walk into homes for sale.  One thing is certain, pretty homes sell!

Investing some money to prepare your home for market usually pays off.  But you want to invest wisely.

My recommendations…

1) Paint:  By far the biggest bang for your buck. Paint inside and outside if you can. Also do the trim throughout if you can afford it.  New walls with old trim won’t look as fresh. Go light and neutral – looks best in pictures and creates a clean slate for  buyers.

2) Staging:  Well worth the cost. Buyers buy on emotion and furniture and accessories make a space pretty! Plus, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled out a tape measure in an empty room to assure a buyer that a bed will fit.  Empty spaces look smaller. Focus staging efforts on the living room and master bedroom.

3) Kitchen and Baths:  Update faucets, light fixtures, and cabinet knobs – it’s relatively inexpensive. Counters, while a little more expensive, are easy to replace and can have a big impact.  Don’t worry as much about cabinets – just make sure they’re clean.

4) Front Door:  Replace the your lights with something that twinkles. Put on a fresh coat of paint. Put flowers on the front stoop.

5) Landscaping:  Bring in a yard crew to do a one-time mow, weed, mulch, and edging.

6) Window Washing:  I’ve seen this make a huge difference, especially in old houses with old windows!  Worth checking it out.

I’d love to help you make your home look its best and get it sold!  Contact me today!


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