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Easy Project: Customize Your Wreath!

Today I was coveting a $70 wreath at my local nursery.  Then I realized I could probably make a similar one for a lot less – and tailor it to go with our house…

For less than $20 I bought a pretty bow, red and gold berries, and pine cones.  All came pre-wired or with stakes to make them easy to insert into any wreath.   They also can be reused year after year.

Then I went to Whole Foods and bought one of their fresh $17 wreaths.

In about 10 minutes I attached the bow and berries – didn’t even need the pine cones as the WF wreath already had them.

And voila!  I had a wreath with that “bountiful” holiday look for half the price.

Try it out & send me a picture of your wreath –   I’ll post them!


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