Renovation Resource: Organize Your Household in 2015!

Looking for ways to better organize your household? Need a centralized place for grocery lists, a calendar, invitations, and other household errand lists?

I used to be very skeptical of “household command centers” or organization walls – until I created one. Now I can’t imagine our household without it.

But I do believe there are a few tricks to making it work…

1) Location: locate it in a high traffic area where you and other family members will see it often. A simple wall space will do. Ours is on the side of our refrigerator panel.

2) Pens: you must have a pen or pencil attached to the area or you won’t use it. I used velcro (CVS, hardware store) to attach a pencil and a pen to the side of a bulletin board.

3) What works for you: think back on your life and what you’ve used successfully – bulletin boards, chalk boards, white boards, mail pockets? Use only those mediums. You want to create a system you’ll actually use.

4) Key documents: think about the lists, errands, information that clutter your mind – that you’d love to be able to write down in one place. Include some type of document or form for those items. We have a monthly calendar, weekly grocery list, and list for other household errands. We also include a list of places we read about and want to remember to check out.

5) Keep it attractive: don’t let it get cluttered! Occasionally take down anything old and straighten posted items. Select attractive boards and organize them in a grouping. Don’t be afraid to have more than a couple boards – it can fill a space and actually look nice.

Looking for ideas for how to set it up? Check out my Pinterest board!


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