Renovation Resource: It’s Not Always About Square Feet

Kitchen Money HorizontalA common complaint I hear is “we need more space.” Often it’s not about square feet, but rather, the use of space.

There are many creative ways to use space, but layout, furniture selection, and room arrangement matter!

To demonstrate I pinned photos of great ways to use space!

Here’s my quick inventory of tips based on the photos:

Living / Family Room: try a loveseat with two chairs for basic seating, use upholstered ottomans for coffee tables and extra storage, or employ a sectional to fill a corner or divide rooms.

Dining Room: use large windows to make the room feel bigger, substitute benches along a wall for chairs, or combine with a library space.

Kitchens: use smaller appliances (you really don’t need a full size dishwasher), employ two levels of cabinets for more storage, or try open shelves.

Bathrooms: try wall mounted sinks and toilets, or install built in shelves for storage.

Bedrooms: consider a tall headboard or wallpapered accent wall, cover windows if necessary to make room for the bed, or have built-ins constructed around the bed.

Home office: convert a closet, use the area under your stairs, try a corner desk, or use wall space strategically for shelves/art/cabinets.

If I can help you better use your space, contact me today! 202-905-5369 |


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