Renovation Resource: The importance of pictures!

CIMG4601When it comes to home improvements, we often assume someone else can envision what we envision. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

When doing a remodeling project, find pictures of what you like! A couple reasons why…

1) Helps you know what you want: Pictures help you refine your vision. After cutting out or pinning several pictures, you will see patterns emerge of what you like.

2) Helps your contractor build what you want: Contractors can do most anything you want. If you have a picture to show them, you almost guarantee you’ll like the end result.

Where to find pictures? You can cut them out of catalogs and home magazines and create a collage. Or sites like Houzz and Pinterest allow you to save/pin pictures you like electronically.

The internet is an incredible resource. Use Google images to search paint colors, products, styles. Similarly, you can search any term on Houzz and usually find a bunch of examples.

If I can help you create the home you want, contact me today! | 202-905-5359.


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