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The Power of a Front Door: January 2014

January 2014Tip of the month: Casing (also known as trim) on a front door can make a huge difference!

One of the things that makes this door so pretty is the casing, or trim around the door. Interestingly, the front doors of many houses do not have casing.

It’s easy for a contractor or carpenter to add, and relative to most home improvements, pretty inexpensive – especially given how much it adds to a home’s curb appeal.

Check your front door. If it doesn’t have casing, consider adding it. Take pictures of doors with casing. ¬†I recommend selecting houses similar in style to yours. Show the photos to your contractor / carpenter.

If I can help with your front door, let me know! / 202-905-5369.


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How’s the Market? December 2013 Washington DC

032The DC housing market ended on a relatively strong note in 2013. Closed sales were up 21 percent and new listings rose 30 percent in December 2013 over December 2012. Full recap.

More anecdotally, open houses last weekend in some of DC’s more popular areas were exceptionally busy. Inventory also feels lacking again after improving at the end of last year.

So if you’re considering buying in 2014, I suggest starting now. If you’re considering selling, now is a great time. Contact me today! 202-905-5369 /

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