Decorating Dilemma: How do I get that “put together” look?

Staircase moneyHomeowners typically focus decorating efforts on a room, wall, corner, or even pillow. I’d argue you get better results if you consider continuity between spaces.

1) Flooring: If you have wood floors in most of your house, continue them into the kitchen! This is especially true if you do an open concept floor plan. The rooms will flow better, look bigger, and feel more complete.

2) Casing: When homeowners do additions, widen doorways, or take down walls, they often forget to case the new opening. Casing makes the project look complete and is relatively inexpensive. (Two exceptions: arched doorways or when none of the openings in a home have casing).

3) Paint: Paint all casing and trim in a home the same color to create continuity and flow between rooms. An exception is rooms that are offset from the rest of the house or where you’re trying to create a specific look (i.e. libraries, offices).

4) Light Fixtures: Light fixtures of generally the same era, vintage, look, finish, etc. can go a long way to create continuity, especially with smaller houses.

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