Decorating Dilemma: What little things can I do to improve my home?

ChadelierIt’s the little things that matter. Here are a few ideas to make your space more special…

1) Light Fixtures: Maybe add a chandelier to a powder room or foyer? Or try something new over your dining room table. I love Bellacor, Pottery Barn, and West Elm for fixtures.

2) Art: Revisit old posters, photos, artwork you have stored in the basement or attic. Something might hit you differently now. Maybe a new frame or mat would give it new life.

3) Shelves: Add a bookshelf or reorganize shelves you have. Shelves are a very under utilized way to accent a room. Google shelf organization or shelf images for ideas!

4) Flowers, books, candles: Once I read (wish I could remember the source) that any space can be beautiful with fresh flowers, a candle, and books. Think about it – it’s really true!

5) Rug, coffee table, pillows: Another important trio – if your living space feels lacking, do you have an area rug, coffee table, and extra pillows on the couch? Put that combo in place and I promise it will look more inviting.

What are your decorating dilemmas? Send them to me at and perhaps answers will appear in a future post!


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