Decorating Dilemma: I just can’t get started!

CIMG1904Do your 2013 goals include a home project?  Worried you’ll never get started?  Here are some tips to help….

1) Break down your goals: List your goals and break out the steps to get there.  Little steps will make the project feel more manageable.

2) Make a timeline:  Put your goals and steps on a timeline.  Set deadlines for each step and cross them off when accomplished!

3) Use pictures to develop a vision:  I can’t emphasize the value of pictures enough.  Gather up your Pottery Barn and West Elm catalogs and supplement with home magazines from CVS.  Tear out anything you like.  Lay the pictures on a table and look for themes to emerge – that’s your vision.

4) Prepare to make mistakes:   Mistakes are inevitable.  You will buy something you don’t like.  You’ll hang a picture in the wrong spot.  Budget some extra time and money for a few redos.  Minimize mistakes by getting some expert help.

5) Don’t forget the finishing steps:  Save time and money for accessorizing.  If you skip this step, I guarantee you’ll never feel done.  Some pictures on the wall, a well placed rug, and a plant in the corner can make all the difference.

Let me know if I can assist with your decorating needs!  202-905-5369 /


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