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Decorating Dilemma: How Do I Make My Porch or Patio More Inviting?

Catalog renditions of outdoor spaces may look inviting, but they aren’t always realistic for city dwellers.  Most DC residents don’t have a massive patio anchored by a beautiful stone fireplace!

So what to do with a small porch or patio?

1) Find the Right Furniture:  One of the biggest problems with small porch furniture is it simply doesn’t look comfortable.  Most chairs look like they’d tip over if you sneezed.  While some of the bigger furniture is quite expensive and probably wouldn’t fit, try finding something used and cheap on Craig’s List that fits your patio.  Maybe paint it for a fresh look.

2) Invest in Cushions:  Great cushions will make your furniture look inviting.  There are online custom cushion companies that will make your cushions from a template you create.  Pay a little more for thicker and make sure to get outdoor fabrics.  Add some pillows for accent and additional comfort.

3) Repel Mosquitoes:  Your guests won’t last long if the mosquitoes come for lunch.  Please remember if mosquitoes don’t bother you, they probably bother at least one of your guests.  So take steps to keep them away.  There are many good all natural repellents that come in a variety of forms (incense, candles, etc).

4) Maximize Seating:  Invest in a couple outdoor folding chairs to pull in if friends or neighbors stop by.

5) Include a Table or Two:  Make sure people have a place to set a drink, a plate, a book, a newspaper.

Why an article on porches now?  Sales!  It’s a great time to invest in porch furniture.  Most stores have sales or you can find a great deal on Craig’s List as people clean up for the winter.  It’s one of the least expensive ways to add another room to your home!

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How’s the Market? Washington DC September 2012

Check out this video for the latest on the DC housing market!

In sum…active listings are down and new pending sales are up from this time last year.  Prices are up as well, likely a result of the low inventory.

It is expected that the low inventory will continue to keep prices stable, even as demand cools and we move toward the end of the year.

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Eye Candy: Great City Sized Kitchen!

I love this kitchen recently featured on Houzz!  It’s a great example of what can be done with a small space in the city.

In old condo buildings in DC, you often see a small kitchen paired with a small adjoining dining space.

For anyone who has ever wondered what to do with such a space, don’t miss this great example!

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