Decorating Dilemma: What decorating decisions affect my resale?

As a real estate professional and decorator, I am often asked what decorating decisions affect resale.  Here’s my list:

1) Tiling:  You can’t go wrong with simple and white.  I know the colors and patterns look pretty in the store, but they are taste specific.  In fact, you yourself could tire of them after a few years.  Add color via paint, a shower curtain, towels, or art – things that are easy to change.

2) Taking Out Too Many Walls:  Resist the urge to “open it up” too much.  Taking out walls can hurt the house’s flow, create dead space, and throw off scale.  That’s not to say “open” isn’t important – it really is!  But consider widening or raising the height of doorways.  Or punch in more doorways, especially if it creates a circular flow between rooms.

3) Continuity in Flooring:  If you have wood floors in your house, spend the extra money to have wood floors in your kitchen and foyer.   If you’re worried about softness under your feet, invest in a runner or wellness mat.  Having the same floors throughout makes a space look bigger and more put together.   Make sure you have all wood or all laminate – don’t mix.

4) Hire a Painter:   Don’t try to paint yourself.   You can’t do as good of a job as a professional and it will show.  Painting is one of the least expensive home improvements and you definitely get your money’s worth.

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