Decorating Dilemma: For the Love of Circles!

Here’s a simple decorating concept that changes everything:  circles!

Definition:  you can start in one place, walk around the house, and return back to where you started without retracing your steps.

See the picture on the left – you start in the foyer, walk  through to the kitchen, left  into the living room, and back to the foyer – that’s a circle!

They are incredibly powerful!  Watch a toddler race around one over and over. Observe at party how well the guests flow through a home with a circle.

I completely understand the appeal of an “open” floor plan, but I suggest creating a circle when you can.  Even if you have a long narrow row house, if you put an island in the kitchen (not a peninsula), you’ve created a circle.

If you don’t have a circle – check your house – can you punch a door to create one (I see many houses where this is possible)?  If so, what a great opportunity to improve the livability of your house, and probably your property value as well!

Happy to help you find and create circles in your living space!  Contact me for assistance.



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3 responses to “Decorating Dilemma: For the Love of Circles!

  1. I couldn’t agree more! You can lap our whole first floor and our whole house! It is the most underrated concept – who wants to have a large party where people get stuck in dead end rooms?

  2. Jenny Macomber Homes

    Thanks for commenting! Underrated is a perfect way to describe it. Everyone talks about triangles in kitchen, but circles throughout a house get little attention.

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