Renovation Realtor(R): Deals for the $550k-$650k Buyer

Looking for a home in the $550k-$650k range in DC? Have you considered renovating a fixer upper? Today you can buy and renovate all in one loan.

Take a look at these potential deals in your price range.

Here’s how it would work. Say you bought a house for $450k. You did a $200k renovation. Your loan would be $650k (assuming appraisal supported the new value) – the same as if you had bought a finished house for $650k.

There are tremendous advantages to renovating, but also challenges. So make sure renovating is right for you.

I would love to show you any of these homes or help you find a fixer upper that meets your needs. Contact me today!

I am a licensed DC Realtor(R) with extensive renovation experience – your Renovation Realtor(R).   I am a full service shop — helping you find a fixer, identify financing, purchase it, and I can even provide renovation consult.

Note: I am not the listing agent for the featured houses, but I’d be happy to show them to you and represent you as a buyer agent should you choose.  I have not necessarily seen every house in person yet.


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