Renovation Realtor(R): Getting it Sold!

I love to use my renovation knowledge to help sell a house! Even if a home doesn’t need much work, there are important basics to getting top dollar:

1) Spruce Up the Front Door:  This is the first thing people see – pay close attention.  Touch up or repaint a cheerful color.  Polish the door knocker.  Position fresh flowers on the front stoop.  Replace old or too small light fixtures with something that twinkles.

2) Let in the Light:  Take down any window treatments that block light.  Make sure to leave some lights on in your home at all times – lamp light is especially appealing.

3) Touch Up Trim:  Touch up or repaint your trim (baseboards, door frames, doors) – it tends to get even more beat up than walls and makes a room look tired.

4) Neutralize Walls:  I am not a fan of dark colors on walls – they are usually specific to the seller’s tastes and they don’t look great in pictures.  I think light neutrals (whites, grays, taupes) tend to look best.

5) Eradicate Smells: If you have pets, make sure you get rid of smells.  You might not smell them, but others will.  And for buyers with allergies, it’s a turn off and a problem.

6) Create Appealing Furniture Arrangements:  Make sure you have clutter free and welcoming furniture arrangements – either with your own furniture or with the help of a staging expert.

7) Clear Surfaces: As much as you possibly can, keep all counters, dresser tops, coffee tables, kitchen and dining room tables clear of stuff!

Thinking of selling?  Take advantage of my decorating / renovation background to help you get top dollar for your home.  The spring market is heating up and DC’s inventory is low – making it a great time to sell!  Contact me today!


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