Buying a Fixer-Upper: 6 Considerations

Buying a fixer-upper can be very exciting and very overwhelming!  Here are a few considerations to keep in mind as you look for your new home…

1) Focus on what can’t change easily:  four big ones – light, location, view, and ceiling height.

2)  Look for obstructions:  large trees or wires may block a potential addition or disrupt deck and patio plans.

3) Consider access: major renovations are more efficient if crews can get to the back of the property easily (i.e. alley access or long driveway).

4) Inspect, especially for big ticket items: even if you’re doing a major renovation, an inspection is still highly advisable to check for major issues like foundation problems, water in basement, or need for extensive pointing.

5) Lot coverage:  if you’re planning an addition or deck, check with an architect about local ordinances on how much of the property you can cover and how far new structures need to be from property lines.

6) Historic District:  if you’re in a historic district, keep in mind you will have additional requirements that may be more costly.


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