Preparing for Company? Guest Room Checklist

Not only are the holiday cards coming, but so are the guests.  Here is a guest room checklist to help you prepare and ensure your guests have a wonderful stay…

1) Towels:  Invest in nice towels and have them in the room when the guests arrive.  Think hotel – fresh, fluffy, big towels.

2) Mirror / Dresser:  Guests need a place to set their stuff; have a dresser or tabletop available.  If the bathroom is not nearby, a mirror is essential.

3) Bookshelf with good books:  I’ve started a hardcover collection of classic fun-to-read novels (Gone with the Wind, The Godfather…) guest might enjoy.

4) Basket of toiletries:  Go to the CVS/Walgreens travel section and pick up some extra toothpastes, toothbrushes, deodorants, razors, lotions, etc and put them in a basket in your guest room.  Keeping an extra blow-dryer handy is good too.  It’s nice if guests don’t have to ask you for something they’ve forgotten.

5) Small gift:  I think it’s fun to put a small welcome gift on the bed – a magazine, book, candies.  One of my favorite welcome gifts is flannel plaid pajama bottoms.

6) Place to sit:  A place to sit in any bedroom is so nice and for guests it can be an extra place to drape cloths or sit and read.  We have a tiny guest room, so only a small wooden chair fits – but it’s better than nothing.

7) Fresh flowers / plant:  If you have the time, something green or fresh adds a lot to a room.  I use the little bud vases and put just a few stems from a bigger bouquet in the guest room.

8) Pillows:  Pillows on a bed makes it look welcoming.  Go for 3 rows – most people have two rows  (bed pillows and shams)- so pick up third row accent pillow or two at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or World Market.  Then again, another option many magazines are now showing is just two simple bed pillows with one or two beautiful accent pillows – for that look try Bloomingdales or Anthropologie.  This look is usually completed with a throw at the foot of the bed.


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