Looking to buy or sell in AU Park?

I can help. I am a licensed Realtor in Washington DC, affiliated with Century 21 Redwood.  I have lived in AU Park since 2005.   Contact me today for an initial consult.

See current AU Park listings.

Why I’m a unique Realtor?  I’m organized, responsive, hard-working, and dedicated to my clients.   But my secret weapon is my decorating background

If you’re buying, I have a keen eye for finding a house with potential and telling you how to make it great.  If you’re selling, I know the small tweaks to get top dollar and a quick sale.

Many are overwhelmed by the buying or selling process.  I take pride in making it easy for my clients:

Buying?  The steps:

  • Introductory meeting – we schedule an initial meeting.  We talk about what you’re looking for, the buying process, and how to get started.
  • Pre-Qualification –  you contact lenders and begin the application process for financing.  I can give you recommendations if you need them.  For some lenders you can start the process right online.
  • Looking – once you’re pre-qualified, we know your price point. We look for homes in that range.  As we look, we fine-tune exactly what you want.
  • Buying – when we find “the one,” we put together an offer.  I check comparable properties to advise on price.  When an offer is successful, I help manage the buying process – negotiations, inspection, financing & appraisal, walk-through, settlement – taking you through each step toward a successful purchase.

Selling?  The steps:

  • Introductory meeting – we schedule an initial “listing appointment.”  We talk about your goals for the sale, improvements you might make to prepare the house, and pricing.  I do a careful analysis of comparable houses to help you determine the best price.
  • Preparation – I guide you through the improvements, get listing materials ready, and prepare the best strategy for marketing.  (I think my broker, Century 21 Redwood, has the best looking listing materials!)
  • Sale – I put your house on the market, hold open houses, negotiate offers, and manage the selling process –  inspection, contingencies, walk-through, settlement – to guide you to a successful sale.

So let’s get started!  Contact me today.


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