They’re Coming! Holiday cards, what to do with them…

We received our first holiday card yesterday (my friend Cindy – the most organized person I know)!

Have you ever wondered what to do with them?   No one wants to throw them away or lose them in stack somewhere.

Try this (a little trick I learned from my Mom):

1) Put a basket near your front door – collect the cards in the basket as they come.

2) Tape them around a door opening (one without a door) – go up the sides and across the top of the opening.  Keep scotch tape in your basket so it’s handy.  I use the door opening between our foyer and kitchen.

3) Keep posting – as new cards come, keep taping them up.  Be prepared – there’s always one card that continually falls.  Try taping it shut or putting some extra tape on it – or just take that one down.

4) Enjoy –  seeing the faces of friends and family throughout the season!

It may sound kind of sloppy, but it looks very warm & welcoming.  I’ll post a picture once I have more cards.  Or send me your picture and I’ll post it!



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2 responses to “They’re Coming! Holiday cards, what to do with them…

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  2. Karen

    Other ideas?
    Gregarious Linda and Kurt tacked hundreds of Christmas cards (we wondered, past and present?) to the beams in their family room. The display was beautiful. Guests joked when they walked in the door, “No one could have that many friends!”

    At our house, a huge Christmas Photo Montage from years of snipped cards once led to a big surprise. Our about-to-be son-in-law, visiting in Milwaukee for the first time, stood studying all the kids and families and then calmly remarked, “We have that photo on our refrigerator.” What a sweet discovery: his mom in Minnesota and I would eventually bond over over a dear mutual dear friend in Colorado, all made possible by the Christmas Photo Montage.

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