Bowl Game Watching! How to Arrange Your Furniture

It’s that time of year again – holidays, friends & family, and lots of sports!

You need your space to not only hold everyone but maximize good conversation and allow people to watch the games!

Try these tips (even if you don’t like sports, they might be useful)…

1. Create  furniture “clusters” – arrange your main furniture pieces so they cluster around a center (e.g. a coffee table).  If your space is large you can create more than one cluster.   But be sure every cluster has at last two seating pieces, preferably three, and then an anchor table they cluster around.  Make sure at least two of the seats face each other.  A couch on a wall, with a chair to its side, all facing a TV is NOT a cluster.

2. Consider conversation & viewing – think about where people will sit and who they will talk to in each spot – are they close enough to have a conversation?   If not, push furniture closer, try some angles, pull it out into the room a bit.  Contrary to popular belief, furniture does not need to be against a wall.   Then consider who can see the TV.  Remember not everyone needs to be able to see the TV.

3. Supplement with extra seating –  once you have your basic furniture cluster, hopefully seating 4-6, then consider how you can add more seats as needed.   Can you pull in dining room chairs to fill in the cluster?  Or many of my clients like furniture cubes, which can be pulled in as needed,  sometimes provide extra storage, and are kid friendly.

4. Have plenty of places for food and drink –  I love a big coffee table in the middle of a cluster.  In addition, be sure you have enough side tables so everyone has a place to set a drink.  And if your kitchen or dining room is not nearby, consider setting up a console table as a mini buffet with drinks and snacks.

Enjoy your company – and the games!


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