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Happy Holidays!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for viewing my site this year, your comments, and your interest!

Special thanks to Mandy Graff for sending in the photo (left) of her Christmas cards!

Stay tuned for more on renovations, real estate, decorating , and DC development in 2012!

Happy New Year to each of you and your families!

P.S. if you’re planning to watch bowl games, check out my post on arranging your furniture!


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More Eye Candy: Kitchens!

Kitchens are by far my favorite. Everyone loves to be in them and the decorating options are endless.

So I was excited to see Houzz highlight readers’ favorite kitchens of 2011!

I’m usually drawn to the traditional white cabinets, subway tile, and cararra marble counters, but I have to say there’s something I really like  about number 18!

Which one do you all like best?

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Eye Candy: South Carolina Lakefront Home

Need a break from holiday preparations?

Check out this beautiful South Carolina lakefront home featured on Houzz!

Hard not to love the stunning upholstery, gorgeous plank table, wood island, dramatic island light fixture, and as the Houzz writer points out, the simplicity of it all!

What do others like?

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Golden Globe for Best House Set!

So it’s not an official category, but arguably one of the greatest parts of a movie is its set!

Here are my nominees for this year’s best “house set” in movies and television …

Downton Abbey:  stunning period rooms – but don’t miss the servants’ kitchen.  The trailer alone is worth a click.

The Help:  great farm house and beadboard –  but especially loved the party set.

Friends with Benefits:  can’t decide which is better – her charming NYC apartment or the stunning LA beach house!

Other nominees?

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Stocking Stuffers for the Home!

Last minute shopping?  Need suggestions for stocking stuffers or small gifts?

Try these:

Williams-Sonoma Towels:  Always nice to get fresh towels in cheerful colors.

Crate & Barrel Tree Spreaders:  Any host can use a pretty spreader to go with a block of cheese.

Mrs. Meyers Cleaners:  Something you might not buy for yourself – I especially like the counter spray.

Gilchrist & Soames Soaps:  Love the sea salt soap, but I imagine their others are nice too.

Pottery Barn Holiday Pillows:  These small 12″ throw pillows are fun to pull out at the holidays.

White House Ornament:  Always a classic and a great DC gift.

What are your favorite stocking stuffers?  Would love to hear other ideas!


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Preparing for Company? Guest Room Checklist

Not only are the holiday cards coming, but so are the guests.  Here is a guest room checklist to help you prepare and ensure your guests have a wonderful stay…

1) Towels:  Invest in nice towels and have them in the room when the guests arrive.  Think hotel – fresh, fluffy, big towels.

2) Mirror / Dresser:  Guests need a place to set their stuff; have a dresser or tabletop available.  If the bathroom is not nearby, a mirror is essential.

3) Bookshelf with good books:  I’ve started a hardcover collection of classic fun-to-read novels (Gone with the Wind, The Godfather…) guest might enjoy.

4) Basket of toiletries:  Go to the CVS/Walgreens travel section and pick up some extra toothpastes, toothbrushes, deodorants, razors, lotions, etc and put them in a basket in your guest room.  Keeping an extra blow-dryer handy is good too.  It’s nice if guests don’t have to ask you for something they’ve forgotten. Continue reading

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Looking to buy or sell in AU Park?

I can help. I am a licensed Realtor in Washington DC, affiliated with Century 21 Redwood.  I have lived in AU Park since 2005.   Contact me today for an initial consult.

See current AU Park listings.

Why I’m a unique Realtor?  I’m organized, responsive, hard-working, and dedicated to my clients.   But my secret weapon is my decorating background

Continue reading

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They’re Coming! Holiday cards, what to do with them…

We received our first holiday card yesterday (my friend Cindy – the most organized person I know)!

Have you ever wondered what to do with them?   No one wants to throw them away or lose them in stack somewhere.

Try this (a little trick I learned from my Mom):

1) Put a basket near your front door – collect the cards in the basket as they come.

2) Tape them around a door opening (one without a door) – go up the sides and across the top of the opening.  Keep scotch tape in your basket so it’s handy.  I use the door opening between our foyer and kitchen.

3) Keep posting – as new cards come, keep taping them up.  Be prepared – there’s always one card that continually falls.  Try taping it shut or putting some extra tape on it – or just take that one down.

4) Enjoy –  seeing the faces of friends and family throughout the season!

It may sound kind of sloppy, but it looks very warm & welcoming.  I’ll post a picture once I have more cards.  Or send me your picture and I’ll post it!


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My Kind of Town! Latest DC Development

If you’re considering buying in DC, stay up on the latest development.

Check out these exciting plans:

Hill East:  DC Mud reports new apartments are under construction in Hill East near RFK.

Cathedral Heights:  Construction on the new Cathedral Commons will begin next spring, also according to DC Mud.

Brookland: A new mixed-use village for Brookland around a “college main street” at Catholic University is underway!  I think this is a huge deal for the city.  I’m surprised it doesn’t get more attention.  Thanks to DC Mud for following the progress.

If you’re looking for a Realtor, I’d love to help!  Contact me today!

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Bowl Game Watching! How to Arrange Your Furniture

It’s that time of year again – holidays, friends & family, and lots of sports!

You need your space to not only hold everyone but maximize good conversation and allow people to watch the games!

Try these tips (even if you don’t like sports, they might be useful)…

1. Create  furniture “clusters” – arrange your main furniture pieces so they cluster around a center (e.g. a coffee table).  If your space is large you can create more than one cluster.   But be sure every cluster has at last two seating pieces, preferably three, and then an anchor table they cluster around.  Make sure at least two of the seats face each other.  A couch on a wall, with a chair to its side, all facing a TV is NOT a cluster.

2. Consider conversation & viewing – think about where people will sit and who they will talk to in each spot – are they close enough to have a conversation?   If not, push furniture closer, try some angles, pull it out into the room a bit.  Contrary to popular belief, furniture does not need to be against a wall.   Then consider who can see the TV.  Remember not everyone needs to be able to see the TV.

3. Supplement with extra seating –  once you have your basic furniture cluster, hopefully seating 4-6, then consider how you can add more seats as needed.   Can you pull in dining room chairs to fill in the cluster?  Or many of my clients like furniture cubes, which can be pulled in as needed,  sometimes provide extra storage, and are kid friendly.

4. Have plenty of places for food and drink –  I love a big coffee table in the middle of a cluster.  In addition, be sure you have enough side tables so everyone has a place to set a drink.  And if your kitchen or dining room is not nearby, consider setting up a console table as a mini buffet with drinks and snacks.

Enjoy your company – and the games!

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