5 Ways to Make Your Home Welcoming!

The holidays are coming!  You want your guests to feel welcome.

Try these 5 tips:

1) Places to sit:  Make sure you have plenty of places to sit.  Make sure each has a place to set a drink and a light to read.  Have plenty of pillows and a throw for warmth.

2) Places to sit in the kitchen:  People love sitting in kitchens.  Take a tip from my sister Mandy (picture left).  She had a pretty bench built, added a cushion and pillows, and put a table and two chairs in front of it – making a beautiful and welcoming kitchen hang out!  At minimum, if your space is small, get a small stool for the corner.

3) Candles:  Nothing exudes a feeling of calm and relaxation like candles.  Plus they add intimacy and warmth.  Invest in a few glass hurricanes and keep one on your coffee table, side board, kitchen island.  Keep extra candles in a drawer.

4) Food:  The best hosts have out a plate of snacks when you arrive.  Invest in a divided hors d’oeuvres plate and fill it with whatever treats you have around – peanuts, olives, almonds, cheese, and crackers.

5) Fresh flowers:  Buy one of the big bouquets and break it up.  I have several small bud vases so I can put a few flowers in the foyer, kitchen, and guest bedroom.

Have fun getting ready for the best time of the year!


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  1. Mandy Graff

    Great Tips Jenny! Very helpful, love it!

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