Eye Candy: It’s good for you!

I’d like to introduce my readers to the concept of eye candy!

The best way to train your design eye is to look at pictures of houses and rooms.   It’s fun and good for you.  See what catches your eye, figure out why it resonates with you, then try it somewhere in your house.

Let’s start with the Wall Street Journal’s House of the Day.  This is a great source of eye candy. In particular, they recently featured an apartment in London.

Here’s what caught my eye in the London apartment:

Color is in the accessories – the blue hydrangeas, the colorful artwork.  Too often we think the color has to be on the walls.

Black and white theme is carried from the outside to the inside – having the inside of your house reflect the outside creates consistency and there’s a certain comfort in that.

Lots of rich layering – the couches have multiple pillows and one has an afghan; the bed has four layers of pillows and a throw at the foot.

– Mirrors expand the space – I’m not a huge fan of too many mirrors, but it works in this space.   Old city apartments aren’t huge and yet the room looks airy and expansive.

Crystal chandeliers add glamour – and with the mirrors, a lot of bling.  You can’t go wrong with a pretty chandelier.

Let me know what you see!  And stay tuned for our next installment of eye candy.


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