Five Tips to Clear the Clutter!

Do you dream of a clutter free house?  Thinking about selling your house and need it to look its best?

Here are a few tips that can help:

1. Everything needs a place:  If you look around, clutter usually consists of items that don’t have a place.  Make a place for them – clear a closet, a shelf, a drawer, or get a basket or container to hold them.

2. Purge:  Ask yourself if you’ve used something in the last year.  This is the rule I use.  If not, I toss.  Only exceptions are items with sentimental value.  I’ve missed a few purged items over the years, but not many – and the peace of mind of less clutter far outweighs any momentary longing.

3.  Clever storage:  Not everyone has tons of storage space.  So you need to get creative – add shelves to walls, buy tables with drawers, and use tons of baskets or containers.  I love these ideas on Houzz.

4. Clear tabletops:  If you can keep counter and table tops clear, your house will look a hundred percent better.  A lamp and maybe a a few small permanent items are fine, but no more.

5.  Open walls and corners:  People like to fill every wall and corner.  Don’t do it.  Leave some corners free and an occasional wall or part of a wall open, especially the floor area.  This will make your house feel more spacious and open.


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