Neighborhood News: Meat Restaurant Coming to Petworth!

Considering DC neighborhoods in which to buy? Petworth scored points recently as the home to the new Three Little Pigs – a charcuterie and salumi – coming soon!

According to their website, here’s what to expect:

“Everything at TLP is wholesome and hand crafted.  We butcher from locally sourced whole animals to make all of our charcuterie & salumi.  In fact, everything we source is local, all the way down to the salt.  We don’t use unnecessary chemicals to prolong shelf life or to make up for a lack of craftsmanship and patience. “

Meat-lovers, don’t miss their menu. I’ve never seen so many kinds of meat!

5111 Georgia Avenue NW

Drove by the other day and looks to still be under construction, but their website says they will offer meats for the holidays. So hopefully a grand opening soon…

Picture of Pig courtesy of the Three Little Pigs Website


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